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How Dr Rekha Tailor gets such natural-looking results

10th October 2023

Dr Rekha Tailor is well known in the tweakments industry for creating lovely, natural results for her patients. What are her secrets? I went to visit her clinic, Health and Aesthetics near Godalming, Surrey, to find out about her approach to aesthetics and watch her at work. With nearly two decades of experience, Dr Tailor is one of the leading cosmetic practitioners in the country, trusted by a loyal client base. Her clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technologies including Sofwave, and offers a range of injectables, such as polynucleotides.

Dr Tailor is an award-winning doctor and a member of BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine). She has nearly two decades of experience in cosmetic medical treatments and what keeps her patients coming back year after year is her ability to deliver lovely cosmetic results that are in keeping with each patient’s face.

Many of Dr Tailor’s clients find their way to her through word-of-mouth recommendation, a testament to her outstanding work. Some have been with her for over a decade, a sure sign that she’s doing something very right. But what’s her approach? It’s all about educating her patients.

‘It’s important to look at the face in all directions.’

Dr Tailor believes that for any treatment to be effective, the patient must understand it inside out. ‘It’s important to look at the face in all directions,’ she says. She takes the time to explain the intricacies of the face, using 3D imaging to show what’s happening beneath the skin’s surface. Most of us only see ourselves in 2D when we look in the mirror, but the real action is in 3D when we smile, frown, and move our faces. The imaging camera she uses is a game-changer, revealing what’s truly happening beneath the skin.

What’s to offer at Dr Tailor’s clinic?

Her clinic, Health and Aesthetics offers a range of cutting-edge treatments to cater to various needs. From Sofwave, an ultrasound treatment that tightens and firms the skin without invasive procedures, to CoolSculpting, which helps sculpt the body by freezing fat cells, to injectables like polynucleotides which help cells repair themselves resulting in increased collagen, elastin, stabilised pigmentation, and reduced inflammation, her clinic provides top-notch services for every aspect of aesthetics.

What’s a consultation with Dr Tailor like?

Dr Tailor focuses on educating her patients during a consultation. She assesses each face comprehensively, considering every angle, and explains the changes that happen over time. Her goal is to help her patients understand what’s happening in their faces and why, empowering them to make informed decisions about their treatments.

‘It’s not about changing your face. It’s just about having you look the best version of you.’

With the negative press that can sometimes come with tweakments, Dr Tailor addresses the fear factor. She believes that this is largely due to unregulated treatments and inexperienced practitioners. Her approach is rooted in enhancing natural beauty, as she emphasises, ‘It’s not about changing your face. It’s just about having you look the best version of you.’ Patients can trust her to choose the right products that yield excellent, long-lasting results with minimal risk.

If you’re looking for a practitioner who combines expertise, education, and a deep commitment to her patients, book a consultation with Dr Tailor here.

This post is sponsored by Dr Rekha Tailor 


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