going, going, gone: inhibitif hair-minimizing serum

What is it? New and highly effective hair-minimising lotion

What’s the USP? Contains a super-effective blend of the most recent, and best-proven, ingredients that discourage hair growth. Use it on waxed or shaved skin (so that the serum can get into the hair follicles), twice a day, for two months, and it claims it will greatly reduce both the growth and the thickness of body hair.  

Hero product? It’s a one-product brand at the moment (£29.99 at Boots) but I bet it won’t be long before it’s joined by hair-minimising deodorants etc.



Why the name? So much classier than calling it ‘less hair soon’, non?

How new is it? Launched in April   

I’ve tried it…  and have to say I am amazed at how well it works. Yes it’s difficult to remember to apply anything twice a day but when you get results this fast, it’s worth the bother. I got a colleague to try it, too, to make sure I wasn’t imagining things and wrote about it at length in the Mail last week – click the link if you want the detail.