Mesotherapy at Medicetics

It’s known as ‘skin-prick rejuvenation’ and in France it’s seen as a fairly standard, minimally invasive treatment for perking up the skin – and it is finally catching on in the UK. But when people discover it involves having a cocktail of vitamins and hyaluronic acid injected into the skin with a mechanical ‘meso-gun’, the first thing people ask, after flinching a bit, is; ‘how much does it hurt’.

So in order to answer and experience the treatment, I went along to Medicetics in London W2, where cosmetic doc Dr Vicky Dondos has been doing ‘meso’ treatments for nine years, to try it out. She says that once she gets her patients past the idea of the injections and they actually try it, they love it and always come back for more. 

If you’re wondering why on earth you’d even want to do this, the answer is – the benefits! These include improved hydration, softer plumper, livlier looking skin and the sort of amazing red-carpet glow that we all want but which is usually hard to achieve without tons of radiance-boosting cosmetics.


What it involves 

My treatment is done by the lovely Lenka Micenkova, above, who is an experienced aesthetician and a safe pair of hands. Before starting the meso, she gives me a quick acid peel using mandelic acid which degreases and lightly exfoliates the skin to help it look more glowy afterwards, then starts with the U225 meso gun. As you can see this looks a fearsome contraption and has a 3mm needle but for some reason, I can hardly feel it as it plunks slowly but repeatedly into my skin. 


What’s in the cocktail?

 After mesotherapy - yes, my skin does look a bit stung up... After mesotherapy – yes, my skin does look a bit stung up…

What Lenka is injecting is a mixture of hyaluronic acid – which helps the skin to hold onto moisture – and antioxidant vitamins and skin-boosting minerals. It’s all being injected below the surface of the skin, between the outer epidermis and the lower, dermis, layer, so that rather than sitting on the surface like a moisturiser, it will plump up the skin from the inside – quite literally, because over the course of half an hour, the gun pumps 5ml, a whole teaspoonful, of this meso cocktail around the whole of my face – including my lips, but even that hardly hurts. 

Then – LED recovery

After that, my skin looks a bit red, freckled with needle-marks, and it is treated to 15 minutes under the soothing light of the Dermalux machine, below. 

This calms the skin down and speeds up the healing process and afterwards, I looked surprisingly ok and only mildly red. Lenka said that her patients like to do this treatment a day or two before a big event and the next day I saw why – my skin looked fresh and clear and glowing with health; the sort of look I could easily get addicted to.

 I’ve also done a video talking about, and showing, the treatment – it’s over on my YouTube channel,  link here 

The treatment costs from £150  at Medicetics