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‘Photoshop for the skin’ – the P3 treatment by Dr Sach Mohan

6th December 2023

What do you get when you combine three of the most exciting technologies in aesthetics? A super-potent yet easy-to-tolerate treatment that gives genuine skin renewal, tightening and a fabulous glow that leading practitioner Dr Sach Mohan likens to ‘photoshop for the skin’ – and it has become a celeb favourite in his clinic, with patients including Carol Vorderman and Kelly Brook praising the treatment and its benefits.

What does the P3 treatment involve?  

In a nutshell, ‘P3’ combines the skin-regenerating powers of a pico laser with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Profhilo to give remarkable results that show up within 20 days.

How does P3 work? 

How does it work? The pico laser uses such a fast pulse that, without using heat or breaking the skin’s surface, it creates four million ‘vacuoles’, tiny pockets of damage, inside the skin. This on its own would have a pigment-clearing, skin-tightening effect, but to make the most of the wound-healing and collagen-boosting activity that will be going on after the lasering, Dr Mohan creates a blend of PRP  — which is plasma taken from a small sample of my blood — and Profhilo, which is made from hydrating hyaluronic acid, and injects this very runny mixture around the hairline.


What does P3 feel like?

As tweakments go, this is fast and reasonably comfortable. Dr Mohan describes the feeling of the laser as ‘a shower of monsoon rain’ – it’s a bit more prickly than that, but I didn’t need any numbing beforehand. The injections are done with a fine needle and then I could feel the cocktail of PRP and Profhilo running down the inside of my skin — the most extraordinary sensation as the mixture fizzes and sparkles like a dose of Champagne as it fills up all those tiny vacuoles. And that’s it. Once the regenerative growth factors in the PRP and the hyaluronic acid in the Profhilo are settled in place, they can go to work, supercharging the skin regeneration process.


The results of my P3 treatment

After 20 days, my skin was looking terrific – smoother, brighter and more glowing  – and my whole face looks ‘snatched’ thanks to overall skin tightening. On the video, you can see in the before and after photos how there has been tightening in my jowl, as well as around the eyes.

Details and downtime

  • The whole treatment took less than 20 minutes.
  • Dr Mohan advised me that I might see some swelling on day 2, but if there was any, I didn’t notice it.
  • Would I do it again? Like a shot – though it’s a one-off and Dr Mohan says that his patients find that twice a year is plenty to keep them looking fabulous.
  • P3 costs £950
  • Dr Mohan tells me he has new versions with additional ingredients – P4 and P5 – up his sleeve…

This video is sponsored by Dr Sach Mohan  



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