Beauty guru of the week: Debbie Bhowmik, hair colourist

Who is she?

Debbie Bhowmik is a brilliant hair colourist with a roster of clients that runs from actors (Rosamund Pike, Tom Hiddlestone) via aristocrats and Royals to… lucky people like me who met her more than 20 years ago and have been trailing her around London’s top salons ever since. 

Why a guru? 

Mostly for her outstanding knack for doing brilliant colour for whoever has landed in her chair, and also for doing it really quickly –  I’ve seen her foil up a half head of highlights in half an hour.  She’s particularly brilliant at blonde hair. Then there’s her easy-going, ego-free manner, which may have something to do with all the yoga she does in her spare time – she’s a qualified teacher.  She’s also very forgiving, so whenever I slink back into her chair after going off elsewhere to try other people’s work (it’s my version of investigative journalism), she never gives me a dressing down, even the time I showed up with zero notice with bright orange hair just saying ‘Help!’ (She rustled up a vitamin C rinse which took the colour down to a gorgeous ginger and saved the day.) 

Where to find her?

Together with Jay Rapata and Max Coles (here they all are in the picture, below), she has just moved from Michaeljohn to the Nicky Clarke salon in Carlos Place in Mayfair, London, There are more happy testimonials on her website here


 Dream team: Jay Rapata, Debbie Bhowmik, Max Coles  Dream team: Jay Rapata, Debbie Bhowmik, Max Coles