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Three things you may not know about Altrient vitamin C

16th January 2021

I have written a lot about Altrient liposomal vitamin C since I first tried it a couple of years ago but even I am still learning about its capabilities. Here’s a few of the things you may not now about Altreint that I discovered during a recent Instagram Live chat with Dr Thomas Levy – a world-renowned opinion leader on vitamin C.

You can apply Altrient topically to the skin

There was one anecdote of Dr Levy’s I had heard that I simply had to ask him about during our interview and that was a tale about his applying Altrient topically to help a sun burn. Here’s what he had to say…

Altirent was not designed for topical application, but that is only because it’s sticky and orange”. Dr Levy said. “I mean, there are liposomal skin products, it is just that these products weren’t designed to do that but, let me tell you, they work in that regard excellently.

“About 12 years ago, on one of my rare vacations in the Caribbean, myself and three friends all got turned into lobsters in the sun. Before we knew it, we were just bright red and hurting like crazy, and I said to myself ‘oh you’ve got some liposome C in the room’. So I went up and, as I came back down (my intent had been to take it orally) I started thinking about it more and more and I said, ‘No, the cells that are burned are right there on the surface and this contains liposomes, which get readily inside any cell’, so instead we just smeared it all over the burned areas and in one hour or less we had 100% pain relief. The next day the red skin was back to normal colour.

“The only downside [to applying Altrient topically] is that it is orange and doesn’t look good.”

This got me thinking that maybe next time I go for a cosmetic procedure and have something that leaves the skin very red, like microneedling or laser, done that I may give that a go and Dr Levy agreed…

Actually you can do two things”, he said. “Before you get the procedure, smear it all over your face, let it sit there for 15-20 mins and then, just as you are getting ready to have the procedure done, wipe it off. Then, of course, if you get any evidence of inflammation of the skin post treatment, as you mentioned with red skin, absolutely.

Altrient is safe for pregnant women and children

While the advice is always check with your doctor before doing or taking anything during pregnancy, Dr Levy said, “There’s nothing in Altrient that’s toxic, quite the opposite, the phosphatidylcholine is a great supplement in and of itself because it actually serves to help repair cell membranes, in addition to getting the vitamin C inside yourself and, good grief,  you need vitamin C and all other good nutrients in higher content, not lower content, when you are pregnant.”

There are plenty of brands of vitamins out there aimed directly at children with most of them having low doses but Dr Levy said, “I started my little girl on Altrient when she was two years old. I would mix it in her little tiny cup of yogurt and she just gobbled it up. I don’t think it affected the taste one way or another but there were a few times when I started to get a yogurt out of the refrigerator and she’d say, ‘my vitamin C’, so she wanted to make sure I put it in there!”

Altrient can help you detox

Now, I am a believer that the liver is perfectly capable of detoxing itself, however, I had been asked if Altreint could aid a detox. Here’s what Dr Levy had to say about that…

“Well, first, let me say that all nutrient substances are anti-oxidant in nature and all toxic substances are pro-oxidant in nature so, ultimately, health is determined by the ability of a molecule at the cellular level to contribute electrons to oxidize biomolecules and repair them, make them healthy again.

By the same token, the toxins come in, take electrons away, oxidise the biomolecule and neutralise its function. So, with that in mind, the idea is you want substances that are antioxidant nutrient at the cellular and molecular level.

“Detoxification is often occurring, if not primarily occurring, due to the support that you give the intracellular enzymes of detoxification, which are usually related to glutathione. Vitamin C is essential for helping maintain normal glutathione levels inside the cell, so by all those different mechanisms. It sounds like an exaggeration, but vitamin C supports every good metabolic function that is taking place in your body because it runs every cell in your body, literally.”


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